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             1995-2005 RECORDING PROJECTS

         JW Sparrow, Dances with Words, CD
         Lizbeth McLaughlin, Pioneer Songs, Cassette
         Pilots of Tiger Bay, By the Tale, CD
         Victory at Sea, The Curse of the Somers, CD
         The Curse of the Somers, Video Soundtrack
         Jonathan Kingham, Whisper My Name, Cassette
         Lance Kurland, Narnian Fantasy, Cassette
         The Sparkling Tonics, Effervescent! Cassette
         Dan Roberts, Rowing Minstrel
         JW Sparrow, Sisters of the Road, CD        
         The Sparkling Tonics, Speakeasy Swing, CD
              Not So's You'd Notice, Ireland, CD
              Steve Akerman, Bluemando, CD
         Civil Servants, West of Crazy, CD
         Hank Cramer, The Road Rolls On, CD (2002)
         Hank Cramer, One More Song, CD, (2003)
         Hank Cramer, Songs of the US Constellation, CD (2004)
              With Mimi Geibel, Waterbound, CD (2005)
         Hank Cramer, A Soldier's Songs,  CD (2005)
         Steve Guthe and the Latenight Bridgerunners, DVD
              Hank Cramer, Back at Sea, CD (2006)
              Hank Cramer, Songs from Maurie's Porch (2006)

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16 Free Songs to Download
From the new CD "Waterbound"
With "Bold Horizon:"
From the CD "Blue Mando:"
                                   Steve and Mimi                    
              Songs of the Heart from "Waterbound"
With Civil Servants:
Country/Folk with Civil Servants
the Sparkling Tonics
with the Sparkling Tonics:
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